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Originally Posted by Hapatingjaky View Post
I see a specialist today. Taking a half day at work and I'm going to treat myself to a nice lunch beforehand. Brought all the medication with me for them to go over.

Will be going over treatment and surgical options. Again if it's not going to kill me and it's not going to get worse I may choose to just deal with the pain. That said last Friday the headache was so bad when I got home after work laid down in bed and past out. Kept getting up every hour not due to the pain, I just wake up. Family kept checking on me to make sure I was still alive. And that was pretty much my weekend.
While things are common that they can make your life miserable but won't kill you, it's rarely the case that something serious like that won't get worse over time. May not end up being fatal, but that doesn't mean it won't get worse. At least you are trying to figure something out.
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