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Originally Posted by Treeckcold57 View Post
Yeah, this is why I don't use either DDU or AMD cleaner utility. I always do manually uninstall AMD driver by use express uninstall, reboot, remove all the AMD/ATI registry, remove the folders from local roaming/local folder which can be seen the hidden folders if enabled from the folder options. Also remove the AMD folder from program files folder too. Then reboot. Install the new driver. Final restart...
Express Uninstall (I use it, too) does delete one of the AMD folders, which I know because after using it and then installing a new driver I'm always asked if I want to create a new AMD folder...the AMD folder that the Uninstall utility deletes is in c:\ root, and is the folder that contains the decompressed Catalyst driver installs. Even though I don't use the uninstall utility anymore, I still started downloading my drivers to an "AMD driver" folder, JIC... Of course, as you know, the Express Uninstall routine doesn't delete that folder.

Edit: The folder that I'm asked to create is the "ATi" folder, not another "AMD" folder....

I've yet to have Express Uninstall fail, and haven't had a Catalyst install hose my system in so many years I can't remember the last time something like that happened. It's no fun when it does, though, I'm sure...
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