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Originally posted by Chiggs
Really? Am I the idiot? Well... what would you call someone with a Dell 1800FP DFP, 9800XT, Audigy 2, and a decent processor with a boatload of ram that still can't seem to get Thief: Deadly Shadows to run at a decent framerate? How about ****-for-brains? Lazy? Do those descriptions work for you? Guess you never learned how to tweak a default.ini file to fit your specific computer's needs, eh? You can do this with a lot of games.

You can improve the game's performance quite a bit if you're up to it. Or, you can go play Far Cry (which, I agree, does have the better engine - but you'd be missing out on a great game with a great story - something Far Cry can't really claim).
How bout you show me one tweak, just one, in either of those threads, that improves performance? Hmmm, didn't think so. I never said I couldnt get a playable framerate. I merely said it runs like complete ass in many areas.

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