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Originally posted by Chiggs
Thief: Deadly Shadows looks like crap?

1. Your monitor is ****.
2. Your gamma is ****ed.
3. Your video card stinks.
4. Your computer is garbage.
5. You have macular degeneration.

There you have it.
The strong point of the engine are it's shadows and light effects. They are very well done and are probably some of the best made yet BUT it's textures look like a game from 2 years ago and, IMHO, it breaks the engine. I'm hoping that someone does a texture pack for the game. I still think that Far Cry has the best engine available to this day(overall). And Doom 3 and HL2 are just around the corner...

Regarding your remarks:

1. a 20" TFT from HP is hardly ****.
2. My gamma is fine.
3. a 9700 Pro running at 360/330 is a very good card. Not top of the line but hardly garbage.
4. a Barton running at 2500mhz with 1Gb of RAM is garbage? I'd like to see your garbage bin and see if I find something better there.
5. ....... takes one to know one.
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