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Default RX570

I was upgrading the RX460 before I started folding. I need a short length card for this case so went with one of these;

Sapphire RX 570 Pulse ITX Graphics Card, 4GB GDDR5.
£60 from Ebay.

Working fine at default clocks of 1244 Core and 1500 Memory

290,000 PPD on the first 11777 Project
329,000 PPD on 2nd unit, 11780 Project
345,000 PPD on 2nd unit, 11780 Project with the GPU Memory at 2000Mhz
321,000 PPD on 3rd unit, 11778 Project with the GPU Memory at 2000Mhz.

Now only pulling 79W as core voltage lowered from 1.15V to 0.925V. Temperature went from 79C to 57C

360,000 PPD on the latest 11780 Project. It was throttling a bit before at 79C

Bumped the voltage to 0.962V to ensure stability. 65C and 91W.

210,000 PPD on 14538 Project. Big difference.

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