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Originally Posted by Nunz View Post
I'll let you know Pahn, I'm doing this VPN thing really quick and then downloading the new WHQLs.
I don't think it's going to run very well judging by everyone saying it's murdering their rigs. I'm going to finally have a reason to crank my cards up from stock to 800 though. Sweet.
Runs fine on ultra on one 570 in 2d at 1680x1050. Well, fine as in 40-70fps and no mins below 40, so sli or tri-sli should be fine in 3d.

Originally Posted by Mangler View Post
The sound can't be that good, ign only gave it a 9.5, mw2 got a 10!

The sound was actually pretty damned good from the little I tried it. I had to change the audio settings to home cinema and turn off enhanced stereo mix though.

I won't be touching the game again until 3d is finished being implemented as it would be just too awesome in 3d for me to pass up.
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