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I no longer get the total display reset when the computer reboots. I ran driver sweep a second time and also ran CCleaner which seems to have fixed that issue.

Since turning the VPU off I had no crashes for almost 8 hours of on/off play yesterday. Today however, I have had two crashes in Fallout 3 but none in Red Alert 3 so I'm not sure if those were because of the graphic card or game instability. Though one of the CTD's reverted the screen size to minimum and had a Microsoft Error report come up.

It still reads as having 1024 mb video memory and the adapter window only identifies the card as a 4800 series, not a specific model.

In game the graphics are amazing so the card does function. There just has to be a conflict somewhere that I'm not seeing. The card is idling at a steady 60c and after playing Fallout 3 for an hour or so it reads low 70's (Celsius).

I'm running the latest driver from the ATI website, without the hotfix. I did not try the drivers on the accompanying CD as the reviews for the card all said those drivers were bad.
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