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Unhappy Problem after installing TOP 4850

Hi guys, this is my first ATI video card experience so please bear with me:

I just received a package from Newegg with my new Antec Earthwatts 430 watt PSU and the ASUS 4850 TOP version card. I've installed both (and am posting from that computer) but there is a strange issue.

Every time I restart the computer I get the found new hardware wizard popping up (Windows XP SP3) and my screen resolution is set to 800x600 or less. The most recent ATI drivers are installed and I can reset the resolution higher without a problem.

Also, when I started Fallout 3 (the first time) it auto readjusted my video options to "Ultra High" but when in game there is occasional glitching and an eventual crash.

The game and computer worked fine with the previous card (BFG nVidia 7950GT OC) and power supply.

If I'm leaving some information out please let me know, I want to solve this problem

Edit: I've just noticed that the computer recognizes the card as having 1gb RAM, however this should be a 512mb card. Is this normal?

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