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Originally Posted by NWR_Midnight View Post
They don't ship the free promotional items with the phone to prevent people from returning the phone and keeping the free items. That is why it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks after receiving the phone to get the promotional items as this is beyond most return windows outside of a warranty return. At least that is how it has been with all the Samsung Phones I have purchased that included promotional items. (Note 3, Note 5, Note 8, Note 9 (for my son), and now the S10+)
Fair enough when you explain it like that. Anyway I submitted my claim and have had confirmation that it has been accepted and will ship within the next 30 days. I actually tried the bundled AKG earphones and they are actually quite good. Will probably still give the Galaxy buds to the wife although she has the wireless iPhone earbuds so it'll be interesting to see which she thinks is best.

With regards to the phone I'm acually using the gestures which I was initially against but it's the only way to get fullscreen. Quite liking it TBH. One strange thing is that although I've enabled rotate screen it doesn't do it like my S8 did which was natively. Now a little icon appears that I have to touch to change the orientation which can be a pain when I want to play a video in landscape. Other than that still super happy with the phone and will most likely keep until the S12 comes out.
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