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Originally Posted by LordHawkwind View Post
Works for me too. Picked my S10 up on Friday which was launch day in UK and had already received my Spigen Tough Armor case. I always buy the Tough Armor and TBH I've had absolutely no problems whatsoever with the three cases I've owned. With the case on it charged my old LG Nexus 4 (still going strong) and later on my Gear 3 frontier watch. I certainly got some funny looks in the golf club when I was charging the watch

Don't know about the US but all European S10's comes per-installed with a plastic screen protector which is pretty good IMHO. I keep putting my finger on the back of the phone to unlock it forgetting it's now on the front screen. I'd say the front screen fingerprint sensor works about 90% of the time. When the always on screen is on you can't see it which is a bind but I suppose I'll get used to it.

Have to say it's a definite step up from my S8 and the screen is excellent. I already had the Android Pie and UI final software on my S8 so that was not a problem. As a beta tester I got it before it's main release and the strange thing was it showed version 1.0 for the one UI in the settings whereas the S10 shows 1.1. Go figure.

The only major PITA is that it arrived with no Galaxy Buds. You basically get a wired set of AKG earphones in the box. As I pre-ordered the first day I thought they would ship with the phone but unfortunately you need to make a claim, upload your receipt and IMEI number and Samsung will contact you within 7 days to validate your claim. FFS I bought it from the Samsung UK shop so I think this is very shoddy and I'm presuming they're doing it so not everyone will be bothered claiming. I'll give them to the wife for her iPhone 8 as I prefer over the ear headphones.
They don't ship the free promotional items with the phone to prevent people from returning the phone and keeping the free items. That is why it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks after receiving the phone to get the promotional items as this is beyond most return windows outside of a warranty return. At least that is how it has been with all the Samsung Phones I have purchased that included promotional items. (Note 3, Note 5, Note 8, Note 9 (for my son), and now the S10+)
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