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Default How to upgrade 7850?

Got a nice 7850 2 GIG and all was fine.

But then I decided to go eyefinity 3 and the card is a bit underpowered for 3x1920x1200...

So now I can as I see it:
* sell the card and buy another (7950 or 7970 come to mind)
* buy an additional 7850 and do CFX
* wait for refresh?

Is there another option? Waiting seems pointless now since they moved all to Q4... also gotta mind the crazy 6000x1200 resolution.

I was running 5770 cfx'ed for a while and while I was quite satisfied most of the time I had some gripes with it. Any experience? Any additional problems with eyefinity? I know some games will get all stuttery, gamma stutter and all.

I am especially interested in GW2 and PoE handling. I never ran GW2 on CFX. Oh also, project Cars even has trouble running eyefinity, does it even run cfx?

Also there is a price factor, so comparable to what I have in cfx would be what, 7970? That one is quite pricey.

Hope I didn't duplicate content with this thread and thanks for your help in advance (and no, I am not considering nvidia).
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