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Default Re: TV Listings are old message

The thing is that Guide Plus+ works properly by itself, including downloading the listings, and even loading the TV app in the top left corner.

I forced reinstall, and forced updates, both of which worked fine.

But still the problem is that MMC itself does not load Guide Plus+ from within either EasyLook or the TV Listings buttons...

Even further, if I run Guide Plus+ by itself, and then press the TV button on the remote, I get a box that says that the TV listings are old and need to be updated.

Reinstalled from scratch, running driver cleaner but nothing...

Next step would be to try to install from scratch the original ATI CD (MMC 7.6), and then upgrde from there ?

Originally posted by MMC Oracle

There are a couple of other suggestions that might help with your setup.

(You do have the date on your system set for today's date right? I have forgotten to change it on test systems sometimes).

You could go into Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, Select GUIDEPlus+ and choose the repair option. Once complete, re-open GUIDEPlus+ and download new listings.

You could force a new download of listings by going into GUIDEPlus+ and selecting that option. You may also want to check to see if GUIDEPlus+ has updated the application through their update option (Under the File selection in the toolbar).

Make sure you have entered the appropriate information for your location in North America.

Post a reply to let us know how this works out.
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