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Originally Posted by Drexion View Post
ECH1 why exactly are you so vehement about defending the IRNV ? Are you scared you'll suck without it ? It's without a doubt the most imbalanced item in the game, and breaks the balance of the outdoor maps by implementing a 'green skin' hack built right into the game. That's right, one of the most popular hacks in FPS games (other than the typical aimbots/wallhacks) are the green skin/red skin hacks, which do exactly what the IRNV does in this game - maybe you should ask yourself exactly why it is you're defending a 'feature' which almost every other FPS game developer considers a hack and perma-bans people who use it.

Anyhow it doesn't matter what you think, every EA / BF3 forum is full of people asking for it to be nerfed due to its imbalance, so its inevitable really.
The same can be asked for those who are against fixing the IQ in the game. The issue isn't about the IRNV but about the game's IQ. So I'm not defending the IRNV but about the overall sentiment that the IQ for the game needs to be changed. Not only that but looking for a patch to fix the other issues with the game then worry about the IRNV which is infinitesimal to fixing the overall problems with the game.

So if it doesn't matter what I think why are you asking ,lol? Truth is there is more to my posts then the IRNV. I get the feeling you're the one that's scared about the obvious issues with the game.

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