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The overall interface designer for this game is really bad. I dunno why they hired that guy. I could've made a far superior UI for BF3.

Remove clutter:

Remove the heart beat monitor for the health, it serves no purpose but to make things cluttered. If people like it, atleast make it turn red when you're low or make the heart beat faster when you're nearly dead or running
Remove death skulls for units longer than 50m
Remove squad leader star for non-hardcore servers
Remove unit markers for units longer than 150m (unless I am a recon class)
Put ABCDEFG in the boxes on the left hand side
Make death skull markers fade out after 10 seconds (unless you're medic, which then they are revive icons)

Thin on the interface:

Make the compass circular or easier to read, I've actually had to squint to read which direction I'm heading.
- this allows them to remove the extra line required to show direction
Remove the Gx1 and simply put a grenade icon underneath the 3 dots for shooting, put 2 grenade icons for people with frag perk.
Make the dots ONE line faded out, if I press X, it should be 1 bright dot, over laid 3 dark dots and so on and so forth.
Remove the unlock bar (pointless) and therefore make the entire thing on the right hand side thinner

Chat window:
stick it to the top left hand side. Make it the same font as the score text, red for team, green for squad and blue for all.

Make everyone in 4 man undefined squads (it'll just show the other 4 guys you're in the temp suqad with) but keep the alpha, beta, gamma, delta squad listing
So people who aren't in squads are in "squads" and people who are friends with each other are still in squads
The problem now is that people aren't in squads have to spawn into the spawn points and not into each other.

Make the join button same text style as leave button.

Simple fixes: Press M will show minimap completely zoomed out (same as M-N-N-N)
Make minimap icons clickable in spawn screen.

Alright this probably takes about 1 week to implement for the interface designer if he really slacks off. Most of these things probably could take 1-2 days max.

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