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Unhappy Will Counter-Strike Driver Issue Ever Be Resolved

System specification:

P4 1.8A



512MB PC2700

Asus P4S8X

Windows 2000 Pro SP3

ATI AIW Radeon 8500DV 64MB DDR

DX 9


Half-Life: Counter-Strike 1.5

800X600 OGL

4X Agp Fastwrite OFF

32bb Color 1280X1024 RR 85Hz

D3D/OGL VSynce Always Off
OGL TruForm App. Pref.

Game FPS drops below 20FPS while running at 800X600. Old GeForce256 card got better performance.

mIRC, McAfee, Remote Wonder, CloneCD Tray, Asus Probe running in background

i have been getting low FPS (Frames Per Second) in Counter-Strike ever since I got my ATI card. My Old GeForce card got better frames. It seems to be a driver issue. I've switched motherboard, tried different monitors (even though I doubt that would have anything to do with it), older driver versions did not solve the problem. If anyone knows of a fix please let me know. I've tried raising the voltage of my AGP slot in my bios to 1.7
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