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CHIPS can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyCHIPS can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


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"Humans in general are very self-interested, while expecting all other humans around them to be selfless."
"Sometimes, it is not about whatever you can do something or not. It is about, if you cannot do it, who else can?"
"A difficult task might stop you from getting it done. But it cannot stop you from trying your best."
"Who you hang out with is who you will become" "Do not act on feelings, but act on facts"
"It does not matter how other people sees you. What matters is how you see yourself." "Some pains are sharp, but short. Some pains are dull, but long."
"I killed you ten times with my knife and you killed me 13 times with a gun so I pwned you!" -Crawdaddy79
"Gorgeous white girls everywhere with that "I'M SOOO HOT AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ME" bullsh** attitude" -gts007
"If you wasn't in my way, I wouldn't have shot you" -Kamille Bidan, Zeta Gundam
"It is easy to give up. Anyone can do it. But I choose the hard path." -Beyond
"If women can't compete with video games for our attention its their problem, not ours." -sumpwa
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