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I was in the same boat as some of you trying to figure out how to disable eazylook. I didn't want to use the latest drivers for my AIW VE, so that stupid pop-up message always showed up when I went to start mmc. What was worse is if I had a scheduled tv record, nothing would happen because that popup would prevent tv from initializing and thus nothing would get recorded. Anyway, here's how I disabled eazylook: I went under windows registry and searched for "eazylook." I then found 3 instances of eazylook:




the first one contained eazylook "red"
the second one contained eazylook "blue"
and the third one contained eazylook "green"

After deleting these three registry instances my eazylook pop error went away. This way might work for those of you who can't get it disabled through the launchpad

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