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Default 7850 ($190) vs 660 ($230)

I bought the Sapphire 7850 OC for 200-10MIR=$190 and was wondering if I should return it to get the Evga Superclocked 660 for $230.

I will be playing @ 1080p on 1 monitor.

Taking into account the return shipping costs of 10 bucks the difference between the two is $50.

I can get the Sapphire 7950 for $280 after $20 MIR on Newegg right now too.

I want to play games (BF3, Max Payne, etc) smoothly with high image quality but don't want to pay too much (the 7950 is really really pushing it).

I think I should keep the 7850 but im just not sure.
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