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Originally posted by Hellbinder
I only say this becuase of all the *crap* that the Nvidian's and their PR machine has been throwing out... This is EXACTLY what i have been saying based on industry Finance type insider reports. If you want to know the truth.. Talk to the guys that control the cash
I am not Happy that Nvidia is missing their profits by that much. As much as I dislike them, there are still a lot of good people with retirement etc locked into the stock.
Hellbinder must be a truly considerate person to let his consideration for others get in the way of his reveling in Nvidia's loss. Admirable.
Poor Nvidia, Imagine how hard it must of been for them to accept that they couldn't just add another shader or some new ram to the old GF3 and cry "One more go for old time sake!". I could just see their minions chanting "one more more go"

It's really for their own good they've got serious competion, they were getting a bit thick around the middle. It's better for the whole industry.
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