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I'd be very surprised to see a graphics card company, like ATI, see a stock improvement based on a 400 dollar card that is outside of the reach of most consumers and thus will have no effect on the market in any appreciable way, a company with only their first time being in the top performance echelon, and a video card company that has not actually shipped any R9700's to reviewers, let alone to anybody else.

Don't forget that right now nV still has the top performing card and, if Best Buy is to be believed, it will be September before that changes. I honestly cannot see why ATI users continue to dance around the fire that is nV not having their DX 9 card out now, but forget that indeed ATI is still a ways away from releasing their own.

I think, if I were you, I'd wait until R9700 is launched before I would even BEGIN to speculate on stocks rising. And, more than that, all stocks are down, not just nV's. Don't exaggerate announcements as meaning more than they do.

So in summary:

1) nV's nv30 will be late in coming. No doubt.
2) high-end video cards do not a great stock make.
3) high-end cards affect a very small percentage of the people buying video cards
4) sales of the low and mid-end make up more of the market and right now, ATI is looking piss-poor there.
5) ATI's super-card is not even out yet and all indications suggest it is still some time away. ATI says less than 30 days, but reviewers should be getting their cards, if their two weeks they said, were true.

And, of course, technically, holiday season is anywhere from November to December. Not that they can pull it out of their butt instantly. Still, nV's pulled rabbits out of their hats before and it is too soon for any self-respecting ATI fanatic to shoot up fireworks. So many talk about PR, but its ATI who's putting out the mega-PR atm and not even giving cards out to reviewers. Tsk, tsk.

Let's wait until September before we laugh about how high-end video cards do not affect the stock market, eh?
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