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Default Re: Re: after hours trading

Originally posted by DavyBoyWonder

ATI was trading lower after the bell to, but that can be chalked up to people thinking the graphics chip sector was bad and not just Nvidia.

Tomorrow I hope people seperate the two, and shoot ATI to the moon.

This is a day fanATIcs will remember.
ATIs saving grace is that they have already provided conservative guidance where nvidia on the other hand... had to change their guidance lower..... I knew this was comming. hehe. Now ATI has smooth sailing for top end demand and as a result their low end will enjoy some good OEM design wins.. Cheers. The sell off on ATI is only temperary as ATI already provided lower numbers last quarter, soon the market will realize that ATI is number one graphics technology leader and ATI will benifit greatly..BUY ATI stocks on this dip, great opprotunity really.
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