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Originally Posted by AllexxisF1 View Post
Tuesday's update will be really great with the tweaks they announced. The flash and the INRV being the biggest one's affected.

Personally after playing a decent amount of time this weekend the biggest thing that has stood out is the obvious resurgence of air power into the game. I am sure there was room for some changes, but since Stingers are absolutely useless and most pilots are concentrating on ground attack instead of air to air. We are getting pounded in the ass pretty hard by air power.

I'm willing to give it some time, but damn its not easy anymore. God forbid those guys ever get traditional iron bombs.

Today, most of BF3 games are resumed to :

- Attack Chopper coming...
- Pipipipipipiipi
- Tututututututu
- Flares.......

And the chopper have 2 goddmans flares !!

Also, the stinger takes SO MUCH time to lock and perfectly signal the foe of the current weapon status :

- Searching
- Locked
- Fired, missile incoming.

This is bullshit and should be fixed.
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