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Originally Posted by g-a-m-e View Post
lol @ jet and heli pilots

I always get the feeling they are afraid of combat or something, or just plain suck at being infantry, like they're half blind and have slow reaction time

I put them in the same category as snipers.

Suck ? Become sniper/"pilot" !

What other reason could there be that one prefers to be so far away from the battle just taking potshots constantly, and doing the same routine OVER and OVER and OVER .

Randomly spam rockets on some flag, bleeeeeep getting locked, flares , pussy out and fly away , and repeat.

I always feel kind of sorry for the pilots , poor bastards
Originally Posted by g-a-m-e View Post
I know what you mean man. Infantry all the way

I can't help but literally feel a little EMBARRASSED when i'm in a tank even. Let alone jet or heli
Originally Posted by g-a-m-e View Post
choppers are for noobs.

Way to easy to stay alive in lol

Why are you playing a BATTLEFIELD game then? lol, I love these attitudes... "You're a pussy if you use this or do that!"

I use everything that the game offers... The point of all the variety is to mix it up and have fun right? I feel sorry for YOU.
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