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Originally Posted by Sharkfood View Post
But they dont have to worry about helicopters as just a few rounds while making a pass takes them out.

Well, I've been cashing in since I have a lot of jet unlocks I needed, so I went on a helicopter killing spree. Even when being chased by another pilot, if you just spray some random machine gun fire at a helicopter, you get a double-kill WOO WOO!

I recommend this to anyone looking to stat-pad right now. Just take a jet seat and if there are any helicopters around, you don't even need to aim or spend any time with them- just spew a few rounds in their general direction and you'll get an instant double-kill.
Then those chopper pilots suck and are probably flying higher altitudes than they should be. And "random" machine gun fire does NOT instantly kill a chopper. Are you playing custom or Hardcore servers? And don't need to aim? Exaggerating a bit aren't we?
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