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Interesting, I couldn't find the link in blog, but I didnt expect it there. Hence I didnt even check.

Btw, drivercleaner step I do know, but is that even relevant when upgrading from amd to amd? It seems weird. Also BSOD's are totally strange since I have never in my life had such frequent BSOD's. Except if its another hardware and masks as amd driver.

edit: So this?

Seems kinda shady to me, no references no nothing. Just some big buttons.

edit2: Also dunno if I mentioned, I only get bsod while afk!

Is there any way to turn off amd phenom clock control? In later versions of CCC it is there, but I have some utilities that can do that much better.

edit3: After a good 1 day of upgraded drivers to 12.7 everything is fine. Not one bsod for now.

edit4: Definetely the drivers. 12.4. Don't use em on 7xxx series. Is all fine now after upgrade to 12.7, no need to use sweeper even.

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