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Originally Posted by luxor View Post
With the new WU, the PPD is even a bit higher on the 2400G.

I'm currently getting 92K PPD with the following:

CPU: getting 20,186 PPD on project 14190
GPU: getting 72,758 PPD on project 11743

Total: 92944 PPD.

But the real PPD average is a bit lower because of the server issues of the last few days when trying to download a work unit.

Awesome numbers!!

Those core22 WUs get me 1M PPD on each of my 1070s, but really push the cards hard

AXP-M 2400+ AQYHA; [email protected]
Asus A7N8X-E 1012 trats cpc=on
Crucial 1024mb PC3200; [email protected] (3-3-3-8)
Thermalright SP97 /w Delta 80mm
1X WD 2500JD
1X WD 600BB
Antec P160 /w TruePower 430w
ATi Radeon AIW 9800pro
Adaptec 2490uw SCSI /w 2x Plextor CD/CD-R

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