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You can change your gear very easily when you respawn. There's no need to go into the customization menu, just click on the gear icons on the respawn menu and choose the weapon you want. It will automatically include the weapon preset you had saved in the customization menu.
Yeah, that's true and very handy. The problem is that going in and customizing your weapons to match certain scenarios seems to require far more effort than it should. I feel like the interface could be streamlined rather than requiring so many clicks and steps and having to navigate back and forth through so many screens. Sometimes I feel as though I spend so much time dicking around in the menus, I take forever to finally get set up and find my way back to the spawn screen and onto the battlefield. It's the clumsiest kit customization interface I've seen in a Battlefield game, ever.

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Find my thoughts below:
Regarding seeing where squad mates are, is it not difficult for you to see where exactly they're located on the map? I might not have made that clear in my point above, but that's the problem I'm referring to. I've noticed that in 64-player servers, when I'm choosing someone to spawn on sometimes it's very difficult to see them on the mini-map to the right so I have absolutely no clue where that person is on the map or even in what direction they're headed or how close they are to clusters of spotted enemies! It's possible that I could just not be looking for the right icons on the mini-map. I know that you can see them through a third person camera in the background if you click and select them, but that's such a limited view it's impossible for me to determine exactly where they are and what's around them.
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