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Originally Posted by VVanks View Post
You know, for a lot of **** people say, Apple still does a much better job at things such as Siri.

I own an Android smartphone, and use an iPad, and Mac... and I have to say after all this garbage, Apple's Siri implementation is still far superior to any other ones.

I'm so used to using Siri on my iPad and my gf's iPhone that I barely even use the actual phone to do a lot of basic tasks.

On my gf's iPhone, we just ask "where's the nearest movie theatre... take me to it.. and it works"

On my phone, it takes about 2-3 tries before it even picks up the proper words, then proceeds to do something weird.

Furthermore, Siri gets more of the quirks, like who played Batman in Dark Knight.

Of course, fanboys will just tune in and prove me wrong, but after using a HTC ONE X for my own cell phone, and using iPhone 4S + iPad, and others, Apple does do a few of the things better.

Although iOS is still utter garbage for app installation, I've been prompted my password 50 times installing free apps...
Originally Posted by Sazar View Post

Google Now is pretty good. And there are some apps for WP8 out there that are pretty damn good in their own rights.

What Android smartphone do you use? A G1?

Live tiles and widgets == you won't need to say much. The only time I ever "talk" to my phone is to send texts and make calls while driving, hands-free.

My WP8 does that, 1 try, no gimmicks, map pulled up automatically as well and it routed me. Pulled up the Batman result too. The search results in WP8 are pretty awesome because you can easily flip between what type of result you want to navigate to.

Speaking of fanboys

Side by side compares of the voice recognition features show just how well Google's app performs. Siri is nowhere near as great as you describe it. And Apple never created Siri either. If anything, they have dumbed it down.

Apps are the one thing Apple handles well. I never had issues with passwords on my old iPhone.

Agreed with what Sazar is saying. Another instance of a consumer buying into the 'Apple is better just because' motif. When the reality of it is, the competition does equally as well.

I'd be concerned with eye tracking. How is it scanning what my eye is doing? What kind of tech is that beam doing the scanning? What will it do to my eyes long term? What kind of usage statistics is it pulling from my eye!?!
I was banned from P&R because I refer to it as an echo chamber.

Echo Chamber - "an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered."

This is considered trolling and a personal attack according to Curio. FYI in case you decide to step in there. I wonder if the definition of irony is known...
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