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Default Screwy MMC

Today I went to start up a DVD, and noticed that none of the MMC programs were present in the ATI taskbar Utility. I swore they had been there just a few days previous, but I assumed I must have forgotten to install them the last time I updated everything. I looked, and saw the MMC directory was missing, nothing in the add/remove in Win98SE except display drivers,control panel, and DVD, and proceeded to reinstall the latest version of MMC.

It wouldn't let me. It said I had to uninstall any older versions of MMC before I could install the new one. Looked in add/remove again, still nothing there. Removed the non-present DVD player from add/remove. Still nothing.

Uninstalled everything ati related, restarted, cleaned all ATI entries from the registry, then restarted and reinstalled everything. DVD player 7.6 installs and works, but shows up as DVD 4.1 on the startup screen. Still tells me to remove a non-existant previous version of MMC.

I'm at a loss as to exactly what to do next here.

I can't really reformat at the moment.

Any suggestions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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