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Default Recording won't play

Went through two aborted installs, one clean with new files, one clean with CD. The first claimed it couldn't find the hardware, the second blue screened and I couldn't load Windows until I did a system restore.

Finally got the new files to go on by deleting all the yellow exclamation points in device manager and pointing Windows to the WDM drivers on reboot.

ATI really should be ashamed, I've been doing this dance with their drivers since my first Mach 64 card. Once the software installs, the cards work great.

On to my current problem. DTV reception is fine, and I can record manually with good results.

Last night I recorded all four hours of the NASCAR race. This morning I find 18 gigs of .vcr files in my MMC folder, and the library contains an entry for "NBC12 HD Movie" corresponding to the start time.

But the player gives me an errors, saying the file can't be opened. In the MMC folder are numbered .vcr files. All are grayed out except the first, which is the smallest at 3kb. Double-clicking on any of them gives me an error.

Any suggestions on how to salvage or convert this recording?
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