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Some questions/issue with the HDTV wonder/Libary.

My reception aren't 100% perfect due to neighbor's tree directly blocking the antenna. I think I have multipath issue? because my signal is 91% strength

with the DTV app I may see slight jerk or such.
but when I export to HDTV MPEG2, i see blocks/band/artificat... very annoying any one else have this problem?

also anyone find a fast MPEG2 transcoder ala DVD2one/dvdshrink(or rejig?) that work with the ATI's HDTV mpeg2 format? Most of the transcoder I tried tend to crash although it may have to do with the artificats problem I mention above? since Small(couple seconds) recording the exported to HDTV MPEG2 seem to get transcoded ok...

Also anyway we can export directly to DivX/Xvid with the ATI libary? there's MPEG4 but I can't seem to select ASF or DivX or Xvid etc?
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