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Find my thoughts below:

Originally Posted by Chubz View Post
  • Nearly impossible to make out where squad members are when spawning on them Not that bad for me
  • HUD shows too many icons for players, flags, ammo/health, etc. all at one time Not having much problem with it at the moment
  • Commo Rose contains too few options, is not spread out enough, and doesn't even notify the team of your requests Haven't used it much but what is annoying about it is the difficulty to notice what you have selected from the rose
  • Chat window is far too large and distracting and should be more transparent Size isn't that much of a problem, it is the formatting which takes too much space
  • Squad system takes too long to respond to leaving/joining squads and is sloppily designed Totally agree!
  • Full map is still terrible with unlabeled capture points and barely a full view even when zoomed out Agree
  • No ping shown on the scoreboard when pressing TAB Agree
  • No camera rotation in vehicles when in third person view even as a passenger Yeah the 3rd person camera of vehicles seems to have taken a step backwards from BC2
  • Video, sound, and control options are accessible only by joining a server or launching the campaign Yep
  • Kit customization requires too many clicks and steps and the entire spawn interface itself is cumbersomely designed You also can't do customize outside the game or when you are alive. Atleast this is what I found.
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