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Well color me surprised! I just started the singleplayer game (stupid late activation here) because I dont have time for anything else this morning, I tweaked some settings around and put sound to war-tapes, I watch the soldier smash through the window and its working perfe...

Wait no its not. ITS UNPLAYABLE

The menu work just fine. Ingame the mouse dont work. It feel like a one of those archaic wireless mice that turn off to save battery unless you move them around all the time. If I move it slowly, it wont aim at all. If I move it fast... Well then I cant aim but the view is moving at least. If I do something in between it just skips around. Its not an fps issue, that's just fine. Its just a choppy mouse.

After dying 10 times in the first scene I gave up trying to fix it. I joined a MP server to try and what do you know, same thing. Works perfect in the spawn menu. Choppy and impossible to aim ingame.

The beta worked fine
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