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Originally Posted by Dynamike View Post
Nice equipment, but placed wrong.... i'm sure you can do better then that.... This is not a negative response from me, this is just a tip.
YOu have the room, space, and all the good stuff. Now you just need to place it correct. Clean up the room, throw stuff away that you don't use etc..

But if you feel comfortable in the room your in, then that´s all that matters.

Great setup and nice HTPC! what´s inside it ?
Thanks for the suggestion and compliments man...The HTPC I recently built and is still kindof a work in progress (slowing down now but just last night I added a crapload of emulators/roms to the gameex frontend for MCE) That thing is a bitch to setup but worth it in the long run when you have a veritable arcade in your bedroom
The case doesn't really have anything lavish in it but the highlights are:
-Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (using Acronis True Image to backup OS partition)
-2.4c HT P4
-Sapphire X800XT Platinum Edition,
-2x1GB PC3200,
-Almost 900GB storage:
300GB (Video),
300GB (Music, Emulation, Programs, Pictures, and Misc),
250GB (Recorded Television)
-Hauppauge Dual TV Tuner
-Audigy 4 Digital out to Reciever for Dolby Decoding
-500w powersupply
-I have two Logitech Cordless Gaming Duo for the Emulations (I think this is the best freaking part of the setup)
-Wireless Mouse/keyboard
-DVD Reader/Writer

So as you can see its nothing special but it really does the trick. It is essentially my old computer tweaked for Home Theatre use.

also, since you mentioned it. What exactly do you mean by "wrong placement" Where would you put everything? Eitherway, this is only temporary as I am moving into my own appartment in Philadelphia with my girfriend soon. Then I will have all the space I need to do things right. (cable management ) The mess in my current room has kind of buildup over the years...
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1 simple thread by Matrix started this nonsense?
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