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Originally Posted by Matrix0507 View Post
I'll try to get mine up tonight after work. I finally feel it is ready to post (just finished my HTPC and it is sitting proudly atop my entertainment cabinet )

Update: I know the pics are useless but I did my best.

Onkyo 7.1 Reciever, Onkyo CD Player, generic dvd player (although now obsolete due to the object in the last pic )

Here's what the whole thing looks like from afar.

My HTPC I recently built. This thing is a gift from god.
Nice equipment, but placed wrong.... i'm sure you can do better then that.... This is not a negative response from me, this is just a tip.
YOu have the room, space, and all the good stuff. Now you just need to place it correct. Clean up the room, throw stuff away that you don't use etc..

But if you feel comfortable in the room your in, then that´s all that matters.

Great setup and nice HTPC! what´s inside it ?
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