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Default HD3870: ATI Tools / Tray Tools Problem

Hiyas everyone.

I recently received my Visiontek HD 3870 yesterday. Everything seemed fine at first but I've been having some problems getting tweaking programs to play with it. ATI Tool 0.27 seems to be having problems detecting the video card properties. It reports the core at 389.81 MHz and the memory at 562.50 MHz. Furthermore, it says that the chipset does not support thermal monitoring (it simply reports the temperature as 0, which is odd since a lot of other people on these forums seem to be reporting their temperatures and tweaking just fine).

My 8800 GTS 320MB didn't have any problems with ATi Tool. It detected the clock speeds, overclocked smoothly, and was also able to monitor the temperature.

ATi Tray Tools isn't doing much better. It doesn't detect my fan and it also reads the GPU and Memory at 0.00. If I attempt to calculate my clocks, the OS blue-screens, telling me that it had to shut down to prevent permanent damage.

Since a lot of other people here are doing fine overclocking and tweaking their cards, I feel as though I'm missing something. I've been using the 7.11 Catalyst drivers (both the driver alone and then the driver suite with CCC). Reinstalling the drivers and running Driver Sweeper didn't change things. Also, I successfully flashed the BIOS to the version that changes the PLL divider, but that hasn't helped either. The card itself is only a day old and the computer is about one month old. It's particularly unusual because both ATi Tray Tools and ATI Tool are both having problems. Do I need to be running a specific version? What version of each program has everyone else been using?

Any suggestions or theories would be greatly appreciated!


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