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Originally Posted by NWR_Midnight View Post
They did not make them slower for vega or polaris. As i suggested in the other thread where you posted, that you need to go read there update to the article/benchmarks you linked. It was their fault there was a slow down, not the drivers.
There was only 1 game in the end that had problems, and that could be due to the gpu drivers, other hardware drivers (chipset), game code, or windows itself, nobody really knows.
Look NWR I have an AMD CPU and an AMD GPU so I'm telling it as it is for me. The fan curve on the 19x drivers is broken pure and simple. Just look at OC UK forums to see where I'm coming from. The problem is the drivers are also broken for Navi which is unforgivable TBH.

Unfortunately I don't think it's a priority to fix it for Vega cards now Navi is here but hey my Vega 64 is 2 years old this month and I've had a good run for my money since I bought it on release day for £449.

Saw a post on OC UK saying under volt to 950mv on all settings and set power limit to +50 and HBM to 1000 and I now boost to 1480 at under 72c and fan speed of 2700 with no loss of performance WOW.

Some have pushed the HBM to 1100 with those settings but mine seems to crap out above 1050 so I've dialed it back a little and it's now very quiet when gaming without any performance loss. Vega could have been a great card and if you tinker with it, it is but AMD could and should have done a lot better with it.
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