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Originally Posted by necropimp View Post
first off... he got in a fairly evenly matched fight with someone who was in a top level special forces type unit within the rebel alliance

second... you really paint a picture of what kind of shitdick cumstain you must be with how you worded this statement
So you're her fanboy and that excuses the logic presented in the episode?

That character, like the characters in that same episode and the fourth episode were rammed into the story in a way that does not fit in unless you are promoting some type of subliminal message.

We already know that since A New Hope that female characters, even if they were a princess or captive, that they were not useless or unable to fight... but her muscle woman character looks clearly way too manly compared to Warrior Princess Zena... who was way more rugged and tough, prettier and the main character... there is a running pattern and fanboism and attempting your lame personal attacks do not defend a show from being very shitty even if it has the label STAR WARS on it...

The Mandalorians have a reputation and even in Return of the Jedi, Han Solo was the UNLIKELY character in an unlikely way to take out a character that made logical and funny way that did not really insult the character in the process... the way this new character was introduced was not even cool... I be you just like ANY new character in star wars because it's star wars... you are nothing but a yes-man and cannot form a critical opinion.
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"Originally Posted by Napoleonic View Post
If anything there's just still too many guilible people in the fanbase willing to accept this garbage star wars disney/Kennedy edition."

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