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Athena can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyAthena can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


PlayStation 5: First details point to 8K graphics, faster performance, no release in 2019
USA TODAY Eli Blumenthal,USA TODAY Wed, Apr 17 6:00 AM PDT

Game enthusiasts and industry personnel visit Sony

Some of the first official details on Sony's highly anticipated next-generation PlayStation are finally coming out.

In a new interview with Wired, Mark Cerny, a lead system architect in Sony's PlayStation group, discussed the upcoming system. Among the highlights: The new console will support higher resolution 8K displays, load games faster thanks to a switch from mechanical hard drives to faster solid-state storage (also known as SSDs), and deliver an improved audio experience.

The new console will be powered by AMD's latest Ryzen processing and Radeon Navi graphics chips. In addition to 8K graphics, the Radeon GPU will also give the new PlayStation the ability to support ray tracing for more realistic light and shadows, which will result in much more accurate imagery in games.

AMD chips currently power the PlayStation 4. Sony also revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PS4 games.

Cerny told the magazine that the current PlayStation VR virtual reality headset will work with the next system, which will also still accept physical media (though it is unclear if that will be Blu-ray discs like the PS3 and PS4 or something else).

The graphics, combined with support for 3D audio, should bring added realism and immersion to the presumed PlayStation 5 (Sony has yet to formally reveal a name for the next PlayStation, but it's largely expected to call it the PlayStation 5).

Change your ID: Sony now lets gamers change PSN usernames

Spring gaming: 'Mortal Kombat 11,' 'Final Fantasy XII' and more action video games of spring

In addition to the upgraded graphics power, the upcoming console's switch to SSD should provide immediate impact when it comes to loading and playing games.

In a demo done for the magazine, fast-traveling as Spider-Man in "Marvel's Spider-Man" for PlayStation 4 took 15 seconds on a PlayStation 4 Pro and just 0.8 seconds on an early "low-speed" development kit version of the next generation PlayStation.

We still don't know what the new system will look like, its price or when exactly it might be released.

While Wired notes it won't be "landing in stores anytime in 2019," the magazine does describe how Sony has been accelerating its distribution of development versions to game developers to help them ready their new games for the system.
lol I like how the writer jumps from supporting 8k screens to the units will drive 8k graphics. Not the same thing buddy.
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