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Thanks for the feedback so far

Ninite looks handy.

If I have one grip with Firefox Quantum as it is now, is that the interface to set it up can get a bit confusing (I found the older one more straightforward). Also I find it an issue that some settings can only be configured going through about:config (like stop closing the browser when closing the last open tab, didn't find another way to do it).
But it's fast, open, and is not based off Chromium so it gets my vote (and my yearly donations)

Oh yeah I forgot about Paint.NET ! Great little utility.

At one time I was running multiple media players... VLC is maybe not the prettiest but it got in since it was the video engine behind adslTV, I got curious and found myself using it more and more. As it did what I needed it to do, and did it well, it finally stuck as the remaining one.

I used to run FileZilla as FTP client at a time when I was managing a small website, but it fell into disuse for me as I transferred the website to someone else.
If all else fails, just ARK the problem.

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