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ATI Technologies

Originally Posted by NWR_Midnight View Post

Pretty much sucks..

They also have an article that talks about why they skipped certain generations (Vega series):

Where is Lordhawkwind to jump on the first blaten act of deliberately ignoring the Vega series...
Well I did foretell this quite some time ago but no one listened and called me a whinger and AMD hater. So I sold the Vega card and bought a Sapphire Pulse 5700XT the first AIB card I could actually buy that wasn't vaporware like the Powercolor Red Devil to name but one.

TBH after under volting, overclocking and generally tweaking the Vega reference card it lasted me two years and that is despite the lack of support from AMD. In hindsight the Vega cards were AMD's basta*d child and should probably have never been released but that's all they had to offer at the time. Take the latest drivers, the VII still has elevated clocks at idle and that's been a known issue from when they launched Sick joke really.

I'm impressed with my 5700XT if I'm honest. It's running at stock and it's between 10-20% faster than my Vega 64 at basically the same price point. It's also whisper quiet and runs a lot cooler so I'm a happy chappy again. By running at stock I don't have to bother with the broken AMD fan curve which is still a POS that should be consigned to the bin immediately.

Although I now have the RIS option I haven't enabled it likewise anti-lag. Don't use chill either so maybe AMD should concentrate on fixing known issues in the drivers rather than supplying superfluous features virtually no one uses or wants.
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