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Taturana once held a door open for a complete strangerTaturana once held a door open for a complete strangerTaturana once held a door open for a complete stranger


Gamasutra: David Galindo's Blog - The Epic Store, In Its Current State, is Not Good for Anyone.
"Let me be clear: I am not against making money. If you had the choice between buying my game on Steam and the Epic launcher and chose the Epic launcher to give me more money, I would be grateful. Perhaps you don’t care about any of those features that Epic doesn’t have, and you just want to play the game. That’s perfectly valid and certainly encouraged! I love money. What I don’t love is the restriction of that freedom to choose- with Epic’s launcher, the only way they can funnel customers into their launcher is by locking everyone else out. Outside of a larger dev cut, no one would or should ever choose the Epic launcher as their go-to store, short of very specific circumstances (maybe all you play is Fortnite and want to expand your game library to 2, or maybe you just really have it out for Steam). Instead of working to provide a unique experience, building a feature-set that is strong out of the gate and can be improved upon in the months ahead, they have chosen to just pack the store full of exclusives and force you to use their extremely basic launcher.

While there are certainly those who don’t use many or even any of the extra features enjoyed by other platforms, is it really too much to ask for a company that made over one billion dollars to provide a better user experience out of the gate?"
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