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Originally Posted by acroig View Post
OK, tell me how it compares to MW's campaign. Graphics good?

Graphics are really nice. At times it was movie like. Animations are very nice. It's very scripted, go here, do this, hit e for this. Enemies die in a couple of hits. (I like this personally) It does remind me of COD a lot in that it's checkpoint driven and you really don't have any freedom to do anything different. Enemies come at you pretty much endlessly it seems in some areas until you get to your checkpoint or objective. You'll get the big red warning "Leaving Combat Area" if you go past some invisible walls. It's pretty meh overall. But I didn't buy this for the SP.

I got to the F-18 mission and I couldn't go further because there's a part where you have to bomb something and the screen said "press to activate Jdam" or something, but it didn't give me the key to press and none of the ones I pressed on my key bindings (I use the keypad) or the keys around the WASD would work. At that time the multiplayer came back online so I quit and went to play multi and multi crashes every fracking 5 minutes for me! I love it when I can acutally play it and complete a match.
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