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Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
I'm prolly gonna go to liquid cooling.. This V1 can't keep this FX8320 cool enough under load for 24/7 folding. Idle I sit at 27C. Load it climbs to 52-55C @ 4.0Ghz and 1.35V.* $50 for a brand new H80i V2 is to good of a deal to pass up. (yes, its on sale.. lol) (but for $60 I can get the H100i V2.

I cant use anything bigger than a 140mm footprint because my case has no other mounts for a radiator. Not even on the top of the case as it uses 200mm fans.. with no provisions for 140mm fans. (I might have found a way to mount it though, a few others have posted ways to mod it to work. :-) )

This will help boost my PPD by about 5,000ppd. (as I should be able to get 5.0Ghz stable 24/7 with it.

*This cooler, the base is hot, fins are warmish, not hot. I just don't think the heatpipes can handle the heat output and transport it away fast enough.

I also hope Corsair releases an updated AM4 mount for it when AMD releases the hardware.
Mid 50's is still pretty good for a folding load, but if you can get another 1GHz out of those cores then a relatively cheap upgrade to H20 would definitely be worth it. Back in April when I upgraded to a larger air cooler I was able to squeeze out probably another 2-3K PPD from the OC.

It'll help you also to regain some CPU-based PPD if you add another GPU and need to free up a CPU thread for it.

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