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Originally Posted by night View Post
wait... have some of you got the vpn trick to work when you've already been told the unlock date was the 25th?
It worked perfectly for me. My actual release date was 27th before the Official change. Still might have ended with 25th.

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
game. of. the. decade.

seriously this game is bad ass. been chilling with evileh in multiplayer for about 2 hours. amazing
I joined the platoon but I can't figure out how to join the same server as you guys. I tried clicking on one of you and then selecting server and joining that but ended in an empty server. What are the benefits of platoon anyway?

Originally Posted by H001iGAN View Post
Does the game stutter when you run out of VRAM? Would 1.5gb be enough for ultra settings with at least 2aa @ 1600p? Not sure I want to get thIs if it means less then 60 fps or lowered settings.
I am running with 5870 1GB 900/1250 OC. At 1920x1200 I get 25-50 FPS with everything on Ultra except AA at 2x and Motion Blur at 25%.

Yes, Motion Blur % does impact FPS.

The game is amazingly playble at these settings though wonder if there is an Ultra setting that I can change to High without losing image quality and allows me to gain nice amount of FPS.

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
so far its my biggest complaint about the game.

the **** was wrong with using an in game server browser?
I actually like the new browser. Though it does bug often like not giving proper server updates when hitting refresh.

Originally Posted by Nunz View Post
Everyone keeps bitching about the chat window, but I really don't think it's that bad..
Same. I think it is fine though since the game is too bright outdoors, it makes it hard to see the chat window sometimes. Which is both good and bad.

Originally Posted by shrike126 View Post
But I don't have enough time to hack!

I've gotta be doing something wrong, 2 more servers in a row. Only programs I have running is Origin, Steam, Spotify and Chrome. I'm not getting a high kill/death count, most of the time I'm only 10 seconds in and haven't done anything yet. Each time it's the same "You have been kicked by an administrator" message in Battlelog after I'm out of the game. The last 2 games were brand new matches on 2 different maps, Bazaar and Caspian, both with full tickets on each team.

Maybe admins are kicking people who have high ping AND/OR are far from the server location regardless of ping. Hence they are so excited about the game that they would do anything to keep the servers from lagging/being unstable.

Just a thought. I fear I will get much more kicking than you if that is the case.

Originally Posted by Phrygian View Post
Just bought it, one hour to download.
Nice waiting for it to get to $29.99

Originally Posted by lukilla View Post
Yes, even without ssao same thing. Lowest settings boost fps but it never runs smoothly.
As I mentioned earlier, I am using Cat 11.10 P3 and having no issues at all. Also worth to note that both CPU and GPU temperatures are really good with this game. I am impressed to be honest.

Also since I have been lots of Rage lately, I was feeling strange that I couldn't see texture streaming in this game. It was just weird!
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