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Originally Posted by bkchurch
Question: What resolution are you running these games in? 720p or 1080i? If the only games that do it are the ones you're running in 1080i then try running the games in 720p. Everything you describe sounds like screen jitter common with interlaced games. I saw it in many of my old PS2 games on my old CRT and see it now when I play PS2 games on my Sharp Aqous.

Gosh man I just dont get it, so are the games that do the interlacing artifacts, are they interlaced games or something? You ask me what resolution i'm running the games at! Well I have the ps3 setup at 1080i and still have the checkmark enabled for 480p and 720p. So when I load up a game that has a interlace issue like uncharted, well according to my tv its running at 720p.

Ok now I heard that my doesnt naturaly support 720p, it will upconvert it to 1080i, but the display info says 720p it doesnt say 1080i. But by the looks of it looks like it is converting it to 1080i becuase when i load up a 720p game I see the modes changing within tv. But if i load up a 1080i game call of duty 4 it has a seamless smooth non changing up resolution modes becuase the "game" "tv" and "ps3" console are all running at 1080i.

1. So what i'm trying to determine is are all these games interlaced games and it will show the issues we're talking about here no matter what display you have!

2. Or do I need to get a display that natively supports 720p unlike my sony crt, to not have these issues! If this is the answer then why out of all the 5 lcd's hdtv's I had recently had these same issues going on? Even The last lcd display was a 800 dollar sharp aquous 32 inch that did 720p and 1080i did the same thing.

I would think that running a game that does 720p on a display that does 720p natively wont have these issues, but i'm pretty sure all the displays had this thats why i returned them i couldnt ignore the issues to enjoy the games.

The ps3 kiosk stations at the stores for you to play demos of the ps3, do the same thing i'm describing here, and they run those sony bravias lcd's.

The reason i'm bothered and looking for these artifacts because about a year ago i had a slim ps2 and bought a lcd hdtvs and regular lcd displays like the gateway fd-2275 that has multiple inputs and by running the ps2 it looked awful I saw combing/interlacing issue etc. So now my brain is trained to look for these and once you see them they start to bother you.

Can somone please with a ps3 and some type of hdtv load up some demos and see if you see this! All you do is pretty much stand still and pan the camera left and right "Horizontaly" and while doing so look and stare a still objects in the game/background etc and you will see the image get like double, out of focus, non clear still image, shake, etc. Thanks...
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