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Well, this is what I have been getting ever since the new core from OpenMM on my RX Vega64. Oh and that is also while gaming for 4ish hours a day. (I actually let it run while I game as it honestly doesn't hit the FPS at all on the games I play.

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Gave it a go with 8350, seems to be shooting my self in the foot with the watts used with current WU.
Any thing 6/7th+ gen or Ryzen is faster with less watts.
A 10210U CPU laptop will do easily twice as more.

On the topic current of stuff out, might be handy to start a under-volt folding thread.
Always handy to know in general.
Ah. Well mine did 4.0Ghz with just 1.28V when I was running it. I kept the CPU within its voltage curve.
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