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Default sound setup help

I got an old set of Altec lansing 4.1 speakers.. i think it was the first surround set to ever come out and it cost me a craploud back in the day.... anyways, i've always jus set them do quadraphonic in windows and don't turn on surround in games really .. tho i was messing around with dvd's today and i found by setting AC3 filter to 4.1 , then setting 5.1 in a movie, it would properly mix the 5.1 down to 4.1 ... which is exactly what i'm looking for so i guess whenever a program is trying to get 5.1 sound the AC3 filter kicks in and mix's it down to 4.1 as it should ? , i'm thinking this way because when i play a stereo mp3 the AC3 filter is not have any effect and when you open it you can see it's doing nothing... now i'm trying to get 5.1 set up in doom3 and have the AC3 filter mix it to 4.1 properly.. is this possible ? when i try and turn on surround mode in doom3 it just says no surround sound speakers detected or somethign along those lines .. if i maybe set 5.1 through the windows audio control panel would it fool everything into thinking their is full 5.1 sound .. and the AC3 filter will automaticly mix everything down to 4.1 ?? cause that is what i would like it to do , so if thats not the way and their is something else i can do please let me know
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