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Originally Posted by Dungeoncrawler View Post
One of the reviews I read clearly states that on some games you have to turn down/off some of the more advanced gpu 3d settings to get the games to work. I don't want to do that. That's like having sli and being told a game does not support it (which still happens today).
Here is my vision for down-the-road:

Eventually 120hz monitors become main-stream and eventually be replaced as monitors evolve. GeForce 3d vision will be much more affordable and may even be bundled to help sell video cards moving forward. Drivers will mature more as they did with Sli when first introduced --- but probably never be ideal for all, in all circumstances and examples. There may be some developers that may include some patches or abilities for out-of-screen effects, too.

If this happens and costs are low -- can see many gamers try it and may enjoy it and will help sell GPU's over-all for nVidia. The whole point of this is to sell GPU's -- not just 3d glasses.

Right now where in early adoption mode..........has holes, negatives, cons but what is important is the effect -- what is the quality of the effect? If the effect isn't quality -- it will not have a chance at all to me.

I'm not targeting holes right now -- targeting the effect.
Really enjoy 3d gaming flexibility; a gamer's best friend!
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