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Originally Posted by Lazy8s View Post
Elysian - do you use a smartwatch/fitness tracker with your phone? My iphone is about belly up, but I won't buy another, so the watch goes with it and I'm thinking the Essential + a Garmin watch.

Any input? Thanks
I've been using Garmin watches with Samsung phones for some years now. The Garmin app is not a battery drain and doesn't use much data in day-to-day use. This should be true for Essential also, unless there are bluetooth issues in it. The Garmin app has evolved quite a lot and is pretty good these days. It used to be pretty poor back in the early Vivoactive days.

One thing to consider is your use of a smartwatch. The Garmins don't do as much as proper smartwatches, but you get notifications from the phone, can do some music control etc, and the training tools of your chosen model. You also get significantly better battery life. The original Vivoactive needed charging perhaps once a week in my use, my current 935 goes 1.5 to 2 weeks on a single charge in mixed use. There are Android Wear devices that have wider app support than what Garmin's devices offer, but you lose the battery life etc.
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